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The Value of Tutoring

Tutoring, whether done in a small group or one-on-one, is an excellent way to prepare for the SAT or ACT exam. In fact, for most students, tutoring will work better than a class given by a test preparation agency such as Kaplan or Princeton Review. Although these agencies can be very good at what they do, their instruction, which is designed to be given in a class room to a fairly large group of students, is not tailored to your specific needs. 

Each student approaches the SAT or ACT test with a particular set of existing strengths and areas that need attention.  Only individual or small-group tutoring can take your specific situation into account in organizing a well-paced preparation program and schedule that works most effectively for you.

The personal attention and guidance that a good tutor gives helps you do your very best on the SAT or ACT exam. You learn how to: 

  • Solve the math problems efficiently and accurately 
  • Read carefully and critically 
  • Build your vocabulary (which is especially important for taking the SAT)
  • Write an effective SAT or ACT essay in clear, grammatically correct English
  • Develop effective study habits
Definition of a Good Tutor
  • Provides you with a clear structure and schedule for mastering the material on the SAT or ACT exam, thereby making your preparation for the exam easier and more effective.
  • Knows not only how to answer all the questions correctly, but also – and most importantly – how to teach you to find the correct answers. 
  • Identifies and builds your strengths, while at the same time addressing the areas that need improvement, thereby boosting your motivation and confidence. 
  • Develops a warm and supportive relationship with you, while at the same time building your test-taking self-reliance and independence. 
  • Helps you become more self-aware and able to think and act intelligently. 
  • Because of all of the above, a good tutor helps you ace the exam.

For a more detailed comparison of SAT/ACT tutoring with agency-directed SAT/ACT preparation, see Tutoring or Agency?


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