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How It Works

We tutor students either individually or in small groups of 2-4 students.  We’ll describe below the individual tutoring option. Those interested in forming or joining a  small group should contact us for more information.

If you’re not sure which test to take — SAT or ACT — we’ll advise you regarding that decision.

Although we discuss below only SAT and ACT preparation, we also prepare students to take the PSAT, the SAT subject tests, and the AP tests. For students who would like assistance in doing well in school, we tutor to achieve that aim as well.   

This is how individual tutoring works:

1. Initial Meeting.  We will meet and discuss with you how we propose to guide your preparation for the ACT or SAT test.  We will then conduct a one-hour tutoring session, so that you experience first-hand the preparation we offer. 
2. Setting Up a Schedule.  If you choose to have us guide your SAT or ACT preparation, then we’ll set up a tutoring schedule.   A typical schedule would be one in which we meet once a week, over a period of six weeks total.  The sessions are usually one hour long, and the fee is $80/hr.  Ordinarily, we meet in our home  in North Berkeley.  But if that will not work for you, we can possibly make a different arrangement.
3.  Tutoring Sessions and Homework.  In between tutoring sessions, you’ll do some homework, which consists in reviewing exam subject matter and answering practice questions.  For the SAT or ACT, you will also write practice essays at home, which we will go over with you when we meet.  We will always be available, at no additional charge, to talk with you on the telephone about your progress.
4. Initial Assessment.  We’ll begin by assessing your current state of preparedness for the SAT/ACT exam.  Our tutoring aims to amplify your test-taking strengths and to bring your knowledge and skills up to speed in problematic areas, whether they be math, critical reading, or writing.
5.  Study Guides.  The practice tests that we use are taken from the official test preparation guides published by the test-makers themselves.  (One of the problems with the SAT/ACT  prep courses offered by agencies like Kaplan or Princeton Review is that they do NOT use the official practice tests.)  For both the SAT and the ACT, we have found, however, that the official guides do not adequately review all of the subjects covered by the test.
     We use additional preparation materials that are tailored to the needs of each individual student, including an SAT preparation handbook and an ACT preparation handbook that we ourselves, the tutors, have written.  As well, we use our own grammar review handbook.
6. Practice Tests.  Taking practice tests is an essential part of your preparation.  Following each practice test, we’ll go over with you the questions that you found difficult, while also recognizing the progress you’re making   The aim of our sessions with you will be to develop your test-taking skills and build confidence, thereby ensuring that you do well on the day of the actual  exam.

We explain our overall approach to tutoring here: GOOD TUTORING

And see our comparison of SAT/ACT preparation with a tutor versus preparation with a company like Kaplan or Princeton Review here:TUTOR OR AGENCY?

If you’d like to discuss your SAT or ACT preparation plans with us, call Raymond Barglow at (510) 486-1050.

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