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ACT Prep — A Self-Paced Program

This self-paced program prepares high school students to do well on the ACT. A tutor works with you individually, using official ACT preparation materials as well as the on-line ACT tutorial that we have written.

This program  covers all five areas of the ACT: math, English style and grammar, reading, writing, and science. The skills you build will not only raise your ACT score but also help you achieve high grades in high school and then do well in college.

Students typically complete the full program over a 6 week period. The program consists of these four steps:
  1. INTRODUCTION.  A student/family meets with Dr. Barglow, one of the creators of this SAT preparation program, to determine whether the program will work well for you. This meeting can take place by telephone or in person.
  1. MEET YOUR TUTOR.  We match each student with a tutor, and the two of you, in collaboration with a parent or guardian, agree upon an ACT test target date and study schedule.  (Click here to see a sample one-month schedule.)  Your tutor will work personally with you, guiding your preparation and helping you master each subject on the test.  Your schedule will be designed to meet your individual needs and to accelerate your preparation. You and your tutor will communicate via telephone, teleconferencing (e.g. Skype), and email.
  1. STUDY AT THE PACE THAT WORKS WELL FOR YOU.  You will go through this on-line tutorial at your own pace, advancing from relatively easy to more difficult material, sharpening your skills at every step along the way. The exercises you complete come from the tutorial and from the official ACT guide. Your tutor will offer assistance when it is needed. For the essay writing part of the ACT, your tutor will go over a practice essay with you and suggest ways to improve your writing.
  1. CONFIRM YOUR PREPARATION.  A final practice ACT test will confirm that you are prepared to do well on the day of the exam.

To learn more about how and why this self-paced ACT prep program works, click HERE.



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