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How this SAT Preparation Program Works

Our program combines self-paced learning with personal guidance.  Although you, the student, receive advice and encouragement from your tutor, you are in charge of managing your own time, from the day you begin your preparation until the day you complete this program.

Self-paced learning contrasts with the usual classroom process.
When a group of students is enrolled in a course, the teacher may find it challenging to present information at a level that works well for all the students. Some students are more advanced in their understanding than others. They may become bored or frustrated, while less advanced students may feel lost or overwhelmed.
A self-paced approach to SAT preparation, on the other hand, allows each student, whatever his or her current skill levels may be, to learn efficiently. You, the student, in collaboration with your tutor, decide when, where, and how quickly to learn.
In this way, every student becomes an active participant in the learning process. And no one gets left behind: each student, working at his or her own pace, completes one section of the SAT before moving on to the next one. Your  tutor provides you with the individual attention and guidance you need to master all the subjects that the SAT covers, so that you will do very well on the day of the test.
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